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Over thirty years of experience as a geologist/geophysicist has given the artist a unique perspective of the earth and its landforms.  His time in the field as a scientist in a variety of locales provided a great deal of opportunity to observe the details of nature and develop an appreciation for its complexity and beauty.  The challenge has been to replicate that in an artistic way.  He is an avid outdoorsman and paints what he knows.  Spending most of his adult life in west Texas and Colorado, he developed a real appreciation for the people, beauty and history of the west and its unlimited opportunities for the things he enjoys.  He says “I grew up in northern Alabama, spending as much time hunting, fishing and camping as I could.  My grandfather was a successful commercial artist in Chicago so I also developed an interest in drawing and painting that lasted throughout my life.  In elementary school I was the one selected to draw the Thanksgiving and Christmas scenes on butcher paper around the classroom.  People were always asking me to draw this or draw that for them.  I was also keenly interested in science which led to degrees in geology and physics and a career in the earth sciences.  I am now at a point in my life where I can devote more time to my interest in landscape and sporting art and less time in the computer intense world of geophysics.”

Doug is a Vietnam veteran and military pilot spending thirty years in the Air Force, both active and reserve.  In his artistic endeavors he has devoted many hours to intensive workshops and outdoor “plein air” painting for the past fifteen years to develop the ability to express the details of nature in an artistic statement.  He describes his style as “moderately impressionistic”, going through the change from intense detail to learning how to capture the essence of the scene or experience.  He states “I am indebted to my friend and fellow artist, Don L. Parks of Midland, Texas for much encouragement and technical sharing over the years.  He has been a tremendous help and inspiration. The great thing about painting is that one is always growing in the effort; there is so much to learn.  It never ceases to be a challenge.”  Doug is also a part time woodcarver and has carved several species of game birds and fish.  These are done from basswood and rendered in minute detail.  In May of 2013, Doug’s painting “Mountain Lake Solitude” was selected by the Creede Arts Council annual publication, Willow Creek Journal as the cover painting.

Cheri, his wife of over forty years, has always supported his painting.  He says “I can always count on her to give honest criticism of a piece and at the same time encourage me in the effort.  She has a feel for what people like and I really respect and appreciate her help and opinion.”  Doug and Cheri have two grown children, Michelle and Denise and three grandchildren, Zach, Laney and Hallie. 

“I am truly blessed to have had a couple of fascinating careers and now have the time to further develop and enjoy another lifelong interest.”




Doug Roper, Artist
280 Biel Place
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